Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 11th October 2021


Please be aware of relevant Covid restrictions; keep safe

Signed as a true and accurate record of the meeting





[A] Apologies and attendance

Apologies were received from Councillors Frear and Newmarch. All other councillors were in attendance.

[B] Issues raised by members of the public

[i] There were no members of the public present.

[ii] Problems regarding a footpath at the Monument were raised by the Chair. There are some unusual circumstances regarding County Council ownership of the path although the land is National Trust property. The path is uneven and incidents have necessitated ambulances being summoned on three occasions, with an air ambulance on stand-by. This matter is considered of great urgency in the circumstances.



Item 1: Disclosures of interest by members on agenda items

Councillors Greenshields and Hill declared an interest in application 43/21/0082

Item 2: Minutes to be approved or amended and signed by the Chairman as a true record

The minutes of the September meeting were approved and signed by the Chair.

Item 3: Matters arising from the previous minutes

There were no matters arising

Item 4: Police Liaison

[i] Thanks were expressed for the Speedwatch posters recently installed at Ford Street where there continues to be a high number of speeding incidents.

Item 5: Planning, Infrastructure and Development 

[i] It is believed that all footpaths are registered with none outstanding. All footpaths must be registered before 2026. If any parishioner knows of a long disused or unmarked path, please inform us.

[ii] The present system of “dumpy” bags for grit on Ford Street Hill was thought to be very useful and the purchase of a grit bin was therefore considered unnecessary.

[iii] It was agreed that application 44/21/0011 to widen the entrance at Wellington Monument would receive our approval. This may also help to alleviate some of the issues regarding speeding and careless driving by vistors, although this latter matter is still evident.





[iv] Application 43/21/0082. It was agreed that any submission by the council to the planning portal be delayed pending possible public interest and/or comments.




Item 6: Financial Issues

[i] The standing order to Cosmic for the website is working well and invoices to support the payment will continue to be issued monthly to the council as evidence of payment. Any submissions for inclusion on the website must be in WORD.

[ii] A Parish Grant of £350 has been received from Somerset West and Taunton Council. Our balances now stand at £18630.97.

[iii] The precept was raised and considerations such as the unitary authority and the cost of the May 2022 elections, particularly if contested, discussed.





ACTION:  Clerk to forward suggestions to the Parish Council

DONE: 13th October

ACTION: Clerk to make appropriate payment if approved at the November meeting


[iv] It was agreed to make a donation to Thorne St Margaret Parish Church with a pro-rata increase based on the Parish Grant.





[v] The Council has received the Parish Grant of £350

Item 7: Any other urgent business

[i] The Parish elections may take place in May 2022 to come into line with the county reorganisation. It is estimated that uncontested costs may be £100 but contested costs as high as £1500, which will require the allocation of funding next year. We wait to hear the outcome of deliberations at principal authority level.

[ii] Precept request. To date no request has been received but it is expected that it will arrive prior to the November meeting.

[iii] Recycle More. The chairman and Councillor Frear are trialling the new blue bag system. Recycle more takes effect from November and should any parishioner wish to have information leaflets for personal use please email the clerk at wwpcclerk@gmail.gov.uk with “recycle more” in the heading and these will be forwarded.

[iv] Beambridge accident. The chairman is in contact with Sampford Arundel Parish Council, Wellington Town Council and the local Inn amongst others in relation to the A38 at Beambridge, which is causing much concern over driver behaviour, excessive speed, the number of accidents etc. There are a number of conflicting issues, including finance, the road layout and the staggered junction to Holywell Lake. It is of considerable importance that a possible solution is explored and hopefully found, including perhaps a speed restriction, although traffic coming down the hill must be considered in addition to those climbing the hill; some lorries may be speeding to gain uphill momentum. Councillor Hasell asked if some thought had been given to bollards at the junction. It is hoped that a local meeting will be held soon to which respective chairs will be invited.

[v] There are some concerns over issues with a stile on footpath WG12/13, which are proving problematic to users. This had been reported to the County Council on the 31st March 2021 by a member of the public and flagged for improvement.


Agenda for Parish Council meeting to be held on October 11th at the Beambridge Inn starting
at 7.00pm
Please be aware of relevant Covid restrictions; keep safe

[a] Apologies and attendance
[b] Issues raised by members of the public
[1] Disclosures of interest by members on agenda items
[2] Minutes to be approved or amended and signed by the Chair as a true record
[3] Matters arising from the previous minutes
[4] Police liaison
[5] Planning, Infrastructure and Development
[i] Footpath registration
[ii] Possible grit bin replacement at Ford Street Hill
[iii] Application 44/21/0011 Wellington Monument
[6] Financial Issues
[i] Standing order to Cosmic paid on 24th September; one received for 24th October
[ii] present balance £18280.97
[iii] Precept for 2022: initial considerations before submission in November
[iv] Churchyard and footpath grants
[v] Annual Return Certificate
[vi] Reconciliation check
[7] Any other urgent business
[i] Potential elections in May 2022 and associated costs
[ii] Precept request
Date of the next meeting: November 8th 2021

Agenda for the Parish Council meeting to be held on

September 13th 2021 at the Beambridge Inn at 7.00pm


Please be aware of relevant Covid restrictions; keep safe



[a] Apologies and attendance

[b] Issues raised by members of the public.


[1] Disclosures of interest by members on agenda items

[2] Minutes to be approved or amended and signed by the Chair as a true record

[3] Matters arising from the previous minutes.

            [a] Joint Platinum Jubilee celebrations with Wellington Town Council

            [b] Local Platinum Jubilee celebrations within the parish

[4] Police liaison

            [a] Police report received 2nd Sept

[5] Planning, Infrastructure and Development

[a] Application 44/21/0017. Please note the council’s support for this application, submitted on the 20th August

[b] Application 44/21/0016. A submission of “no comment” was made on August 25th

[c] Application 21/21/0021


[6] Financial Issues

            [a] The balance of the accounts

            [b] VAT reclaim

[c] Q2 salary, PAYE and administration allowance

            [d] Monthly standing order to Cosmic


[7] Any other urgent business

            [a] Parish elections

            [b] New recycling system: “Recycle More”

            [c] Grit bin refilling

            [d] Speeding

            [e] Hemyock Place

            [f] Signage, The Fir


Date of the next meeting: October 11th