Note there will be no August meeting 

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on July 12th at the Beambridge Inn



[A] Apologies were received from Councillor Greenshields. Councillor Lane took the chair.
[B] There were no issues raised by members of the public

Item 1: There were no disclosures of interest by members on agenda items

Item 2: Minutes of the June meeting were approved and signed by the Chairman as a true record
Item 3: There were no urgent matters arising from the previous minutes.

Item 4: Police Liaison. No report was available, but the clerk would like to thank PCSO Steve Hill for his support for Speedwatch at Ford Street.


Item 5: Planning, Infrastructure and Development

[a] Application 44/21/0012 Helston House

ACTION: A submission of approval had been made on the 22nd June.

[b] Application 44/21/0014 Wellington Monument

ACTION: A submission of approval was made on the 13th July ref SWT348983097

[c] Application 44/21/0015/LB Wellington Monument

ACTION: A submission of approval was made on the 13th July ref: SWT348984942

[d] Application 43/21/0066 Cherrywood

ACTION: A submission of approval was made on the 13th July ref: SWT348986920


Item 6: Financial Issues

[a] A Certificate of exemption from a full financial inspection had been received by the clerk.

[b] Transaction E8 domain name renewal. The invoice had been paid on the 16th June.

[c] Transaction E9.  Ford Street noticeboard replacement. The clerk had received payment on the 19th of June.

[d] Transactions E10 and E11. Salary and PAYE for April to June 2021. All documentation was approved and signed.

[e] Transaction E12 Project Cosmic monthly website fee had been paid and a standing order had been set up on the 2nd  of July for future payments on the 24th monthly.

[f] It was agreed to purchase a replacement laptop due to the “expiry “of the present one with costs of repair exceeding that of purchase.

ACTION:  Clerk to purchase a new laptop

ACTIONED: 12th July

[g] Costs of affiliation to the Somerset and National Associations of Local Councils had been received and will be paid by the clerk.

ACTION: Clerk to pay the invoice

ACTIONED: July 14th

When all the above transactions [b to d] have been paid the balance will be £19983.67


Item 7: Any other urgent business

[a] Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee celebrations and beacon. The clerk had been approached by Wellington Town Council with a view to a joint celebration regarding the Jubilee in 2022 to link in with a national chain of beacons. This was approved.

ACTION: Clerk to make contact with his opposite number at the Town Council and suggest       perhaps a joint meeting to discuss the practicalities and possible costs.

ACTIONED: 13th July

ACTION: To be discussed with Councillor Greenshields and the National Trust

[b] It was suggested that a road closure at Ford Street for a street fair may be a consideration.

ACTION: The Clerk and Councillor Lane will liaise with local residents.


Item 7: Any other urgent business

[a] Councillor Hasell mentioned the advantages of reporting highway repair issues online rather than directly.

[b] There had been some rather interesting reactions by the highways department with reference to a road closure and hedge trimming at Holywell Lake and Thorne St Margaret.

[c] Recent communication regarding dog walking and “doggy bags” at Wrangway had ceased, although it is still believed there is an issue.

ACTION: Clerk to follow-up the issue and attempt to remake contact.


The net meeting is at the Beambridge Inn on September 13th 2021