Police Report
November 2020

Wellington without

November 2020
‘A Snapshot of the working life of PCSO Vicky Henderson’
This month
I’m sure you are all waiting to hear how my Tutee Chandler has been getting on 
He’s doing really well, he goes to independent patrol this Sunday and all going well will be signed off in post in early January.

Missing people
This month has been a difficult month really. There have been some highs and a couple of heart felt experiences.
There was a report of two missing female youths, they were reported in the morning, although this was passed to PC’s as it’s my area, I kept an eye out for them during the shift. As I went through the day I checked places I thought they could be.
As PCSO Chandler and I were on our way back to the station, near the end of our shift, we noted a female that we thought fit the description of the missing girl. We turned the car around and had a chat with the individuals. We were right, the female was the missing youth. We then managed to find out where the other female was, which meant we were able to pass the job over to PC’s to complete the paperwork.

Drink driver
While on patrol we heard over the radio a report of a drink driver, as we were leaving Bishops Lydeard we noted the vehicle coming on to the roundabout heading away from Taunton.
We followed the vehicle and observed the driving, there were no issues, which seemed strange considering they were supposed to be drink driving. We contacted officers from Williton stop it. The driver was then breathalysed. He blew 0. It turned out the driver had been reported maliciously.

I received a call for a road traffic accident on Cothelstone hill, as you can imagine that is not a good hill for a collision.
On arrival, there was one car involved and two casualties, luckily they were minor injuries. We needed to shut the road in both direction in order to let the emergencies vehicles enter and leave safely. I would like to say thank you to the local farmer who gave me the call, helped move the vehicle to a safe position and move the very large pillar that was in the road. Thank you.

On a much sadder note, I came on duty in the early hours of the morning to immediately be sent to an RTC (Road Traffic Collision) just outside Oake. My colleague and I closed the roads either side of the incident. I know a few people were unhappy with the road closure being a distance away from the main incident, we do this so emergency vehicles can drive in and out at speed if needed, safely knowing no other vehicles are inside the road closure.
Unhappily this incident did not end as we and everyone else would have liked, I send my condolences to the family and friends of the young lady.

Take care and stay safe

Crime statistics for the whole of Wellington rural for the month of November 2020.
There were 181 calls into 101 and 999 for the Wellington Rural Beat for the month of November 2020.
This does not include calls involving Wellington Town.

1 calls involved Wellington Without, this involved theft.

Reports of Antisocial Behavior
There were 11 calls to police for ASB across the whole of the rural beat in November.
No calls for Wellington Without


The Town center PCSO team are now covering Wellington Without.

Victoria.Henderson@avonandsomerset.police.uk> 07889655302

Farm Watch 81819 non emergency 101